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OpenLight Films is your leading choice for San Francisco Corporate Video Production in the Bay Area. We are a Full Service Corporate Video Production Company with experienced crews. We offer a wide range of video production services for corporate promo videos, Kickstarter videos, business events, music videos & narrative films. No matter what your video needs may be…. We can handle it.

A good editor makes their decision based on the story and what pushes it futher.

Mariel Vialluz, Editor

Story and intention, those are the keys to a good video.

Kyle Henry, Owner

Story and intention, those are the keys to a good video.

Kyle Henry, Owner

Mariel Villaluz overseas all of the edits at OLF. She has a keen eye for detail and a great sense of storytelling.

Mariel Villaluz

Kyle Henry is a the owner and lead creative at OLF. Kyle has over 10 years of experience in the industry. His creative eye has taken him all over the world, creating stories for clients near and far.

Kyle Henry
Owner, DP & Director

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Our Clients

Why choose us for corporate video production?

“I’ve worked with them on three projects and had incredible results. They are strong communicators and produce beautiful work.”

Lane Kuntz, Galderma

Why choose us for brand Videos?

Though his works speaks for itself, one thing I appreciate is the high value of relationship and collaboration we experience in working with OpenLight films, which makes it a joy to create with him.

A. Alvarado, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Why choose us for crowdfunding video production?

Kyle and team were extremely creative and carried out the shoot and production with a level of efficiency and care I have not experienced with anyone else in the field.

Phoebe Yu, EyeQue

Our Process


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Principal Shoot

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