San Francisco Video Production

San Francisco Corporate and Commercial Video Production

OpenLight Films is a full-service, San Francisco Corporate and Commercial Video Production offering a wide range of video production services for corporations, organizations, startups, and influencers across all industries. We specialize in corporate videos, brand films, and sizzle reels. With over 20 years of combined experience, OpenLight Films has become the trusted choice for the Bay Area’s commercial and cultural movers and shakers.

Our Process

Determine our Goals

We will consult with you to identify the “big picture”– what are you looking to accomplish? Then, we will explore different styles and content types to best suit your brand and desired outcome. Keeping in mind important factors such as target audience, methods of distribution, event location, and time deliverables, we will formulate a detailed, working plan to serve as our roadmap for the entire production process.

Establish Pricing

Once you’ve approved the plan, we will customize a package that includes everything you’ll need and nothing you don’t, with flexibility built in, just in case we need to modify the plan. We will always respect your budget and are committed to full transparency.


Using our roadmap, we will complete the different steps of the plan– on time, every time. Someone in our team will be assigned to you to ensure that the process runs smoothly. At the end of filming, we will move to the post-production phase for editing. During this time you will provide feedback using our online platform, and we will continue to tweak the video until it’s perfect.

Our Mission

As a San Francisco Corporate and Commercial Video Production Company, our mission is to tell great stories that showcase our client’s “why” by crafting beautiful and compelling visual content that optimizes their ROI and stays within their budget. Our approach is simple: to deliver exactly what the clients want while exceeding their expectations. With the perfect blend of technical versatility and creativity, we translate our clients’ needs into impactful videos that inspire target audiences to take action. We believe in building authentic, collaborative relationships with each and every client. By seamlessly integrating our team with theirs, we can ensure successful execution from start to finish. Our notable list of repeat clients such as Chase Bank, Google, Galderma, and NBA celebrity Stephen Curry, is a testament to our proven, sustainable methods.


Frequently Asked Questions About Video Production Services

This question is the most popular amongst potential clients. We understand that every story is one-of-a-kind, and our team is dedicated to providing tailored quotes that perfectly match your specific requirements.
We’ve developed a system to help our clients obtain the most value for their production budgets. First, we’ll establish the kind of video you need, whether a commercial, launch film, explainer video, or brand film. Then we’ll determine which price tier range you fall in and the most value we can offer you within that range.

Selecting a San Francisco Video Production company can be a daunting task. We understand there are many stakeholders involved in the success of a video. So, how do you choose the best video production company that fits within budget?
Step 1. Write out your desired goals, objectives for your video, deadlines, and max budget (you can adjust the budget later if you need to, but it is helpful to go in with a price in mind).
Step 2. Ask for referrals from friends and research the best production companies in the bay area.
Step 3. Start reaching out to your top three companies. Explain your desired goals and objectives you’ve already completed in step 1. Share your budget and ask the max value they can offer for that price. In this step, it’s important to learn the most about the people you’ll be working with. You want to make sure they’re the kind of folks you’d trust and also want to have a beer with.
Step 4. After you’ve talked with your top three choices, ask yourself who understood your objectives the best. Who could deliver the edited videos within your timeline, whom did you connect with the best on a personable level,  who offered the most value for your budget, and lastly who had the best portfolio for your budget.

Yes, most certainly! We recommend this as the best option to add the most value to your shoot. Typically, when we’re developing story concepts, we make sure every scene could live on its own. In return, you walk away with multiple video assets that you can use to target marketing on social media. For example, view the various assets we created for SitPack and the different deliverables made for EyeQue.

Yes, safety is is our max priority. OpenLight Films has taken this pandemic seriously every step of the way. So we’ve created detailed guidelines to keep our talent and crew safe on every production. See our COVID protocols below.
-All pre-production meetings happen virtually now.
-We’ve limited crew size to only the key players for location and tech scouts.
-We ask that any crew stay home if they’re not feeling well. No Judgement.
-Before each shoot, all of the equipment is carefully wiped with disinfectant wipes.
-Upon arrival, each crew member must sign in with the COVID safety officer. The officer then takes their temperature and does a COVID questionnaire.
-Upon request, we can offer on-site COVID testing. This is a popular option for celebrities and a notable talent.
-On-set all crew is required to wear a mask and sanitize frequently. Talent is required to wear a mask in-between takes.
-We use a microphone on a boom pole to allow for less contact. If a lavalier is required, we provide a sterilized one for the client to self-place.
-Upon request, we also offer virtual viewing for anyone in your company that cannot be on set. They can log into ZOOM or a dedicated URL to view the direct camera feed from the set.
Keeping you and the crew safe is our number one priority!

The timeline for film shoots can range from one week to one month. Typically for corporate interviews, we need little pre-production time. So this style of shoots we can plan, shoot and edit within one week. For more complex commercial-style productions, our sweet spot is one month. We’ve broken down our production timeline for a commercial below. 
-Pre-production: One to two weeks 

Identify goals and objectives for the video, create a treatment and script, hire crew, hire talent, secure equipment and locations. 

-Production: One to Three days

We’ll film all of the necessary content for a compelling video.

-Post-production: One to two weeks 

We’ll deliver the first cut within a few days after the shoot. Then the client will receive a certain amount of revisions rounds to make it perfect for their goals.