Case Study: Turo

Context Turo came to us looking to produce two educational series for their platform. Turo is a car sharing and rental company, where anyone can rent their car(s) to others.

Case Study: PACT 

Context PACT came to us looking for a short video for their kickstarter campaign. They wanted it to feel like a commercial, but with a serious and cinematic tone and

How to Cast Actors for Video Production

Casting the right actors is not a process one should rush. Actors can make or break your production, so it’s important to ensure they represent as accurately as possible the

Need a Company Video but not sure where to start?

A majority of companies have invested in at least one company video because of the value videos bring to the brand. Company brand videos are a great way to bring

How to Pick the Right Shoot Location

Location scouting is an important part of the pre-production process and should not be rushed. Scouting can take a lot of time and patience, because it’s important to find a