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Bay Area Corporate Video Production Team


OpenLight Films is a boutique agency that focuses on video production. We create films for clients looking to tell their story or promote their brand. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your video production needs. From concept to delivery: We write, produce, film, and edit all under one roof. Please take a look at our process and offerings below.

Our Process


Pre-production creates the foundation for the project. During this phase, we will consult with the client to figure out their goals and help advise them on the best video for their needs. Next, we will strategize ideas and concepts that will help tell the brand story best.


Now that pre-production is over, and we’re readying to film. This leads us to the production phase. During this time, our crew will come out to shoot your video and execute all of the ideas we created in pre-production.


Once production is wrapped, we move on to the last phase, post-production. During this phase, our editors will assemble all of the beautiful footage we captured. The client will be able to upload feedback via an online platform. We will continue to tweak the video until it conveys the perfect message.

What We Offer


Commercials can be iconic and become apart of pop-culture. Every business needs a great commercial. This is why we help our clients craft and produce timeless Ads that help increase brand recognition and product sales.

Brand Films

Brand films tell the story of your existing company. It helps you connect with your audience. Brand films primarily focus on your “why.”

Sizzle Reels

Sizzle reels are fun 2-3 minute videos that highlight your conference, office party, or networking event. These videos give an overall highlight of your event.

A Few of Our Clients