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Sequoia wanted to make a series of commercials focused on the theme of “Memories.” They targeted the lower portion of the marketing funnel, generating more brand recognition and loyalty using emotional marketing. They wanted an authentic storyline that would encourage trust among their audience and further build a sense of community.

Our Journey:60secs

Creative Solution

We created two commercials to appeal to two target audiences: families and planners. The first commercial tells the emotional story of a father and daughter and how all their memories are tied to the apartment they shared before she left for college. The second commercial features a young couple who are “expecting,” but later we reveal that they are actually expecting an adorable dog. Both stories aimed to resonate with the core demographic and highlight Sequoia’s offerings, including how dog-friendly their communities are.
We came up with two


Strategy – Ideation – Script Writing – 4 days of production – Post Production



Project Details

Date: March 4, 2021

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